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About the Aurora Sangha
Located in the southern suburbs of Aurora Colorado.  Bill & Kelly O'Brien have hosted weekly meditation sessions and have hosted several important lineage masters from the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages for the past 6 years.

Khenchen Gyaltsen Rinpoche endorsed and encouraged Bill and Kelly to open their home as a place of practice from the lineage of the Drikung Kagyu in 2001. Bill and Kelly have been practicing Buddhism more than 15 years. The Aurora meditation group is a small group made up of people from all walks of life and ages. We regularly invite lama's to the Aurora, Denver and Boulder area's to teach in our home. This provides a very unique opportunity for persons to meet, share a meal and have a casual conversation with some of today's most esteemed teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  In the past 5 years we've invited the following teachers: Minam RInpoche, H.H. Chetsang Rinpoche, H.H. Dorje Lopen, H.E. Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche, Ven Ontul Rinpoche, Anyen Rinpoche, Loppon Rechungpa, Lama Gyursam and Lama Sonam.

Our focus to create an educational environment suitable for the common householder and lay practitioner. A couple times a year we host an introduction to Buddhism program. The programs are suitable to for people with no experience and perhaps have only read about Buddhism and those wishing to deepen their practice.

The Boulder and Aurora sangha work as a family and we coordinate and host teachers with each others help. The Boulder sangha offers weekly mediation sessions and those wishing to become familiar with practices and practice with others on regular basis are encouraged to visit the Boulder community hosted by Mark Steiner. 

The newest group to join the CRS is the Estes Park group. Hosted by Jean Muenchrath and Paul McLaughlin, both excellent and long time practitioners. For more information contact estespark@coloradoratnashri.net

Anyen Rinpoche, Choying and Tsomo

Tradition and Lineage of Practice
The Aurora sangha practices out of the Vajrayana tradition commonly practiced within Tibet. There are 3 main turnings of the wheel of dharma and Vajrayana is the third and sometimes known and mantrayana or Tantra.  From the Tibet there rose 4 main schools or lineages. First was the Nyingma, then the Kagyu, then the Sakya and finally the Gelug.  Bill and Kelly have received teachings and transmissions from teachers of all 4 schools.  We focus our practices from the first two lineages, Nyingma and Kagyu. Both these traditions have a rich history of passing an authentic unbroken lineage from teacher to student, dating back to Shakyamuni Buddha.

The Aurora sangha is part of the Colorado Ratnashri Sangha which is a collection of small meditation groups based out of peoples homes. One of the most important scholars and teachers within the Drikung Kagyu lineage acts as the Spiritual Director for all the meditation groups, Venerable Khenchen Gyaltsen Rinpoche.

Everyone is welcome, with or without experience. We try to provide a relaxed atmosphere suitable for meditation and those interested in expanding their knowledge and experience of Buddhism and meditation. There is never any commitment or fees for the regular practice sessions.

The Colorado sangha hosts various Drikung Kagyu lamas and teachers from other lineages throughout the year, this site will have the latest on scheduled events. Two great rime scholars and yogi's, Yonge Khachab Rinpoche  & Anyen Rinpoche often teach here focusing on loving-compassion, Tantra & Dzogchen.



Practice Director
Bill O'Brien is the director of the Aurora Community or Sangha.  Mr. O'Brien works as an engineer for major telecommunications company in Denver. Bill has been practicing Buddhism for more than 15 years and has been meditating for more than 20 years.   He has received teachings from scholars and yogis in all 4 major Tibetan traditions, Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug as well as Zen. His root lama is H.E. Garchen Rinpoche and has received many transmission and practices from both the Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions from the Drikung & Karma Kagyu, Nyingma school. He is also the Co-founder of Dharma-Media.org a Buddhist archive dedicated to the digital preservation of the oral and graphic traditions of all Buddhist traditions.


Thus, by gaining power over the becoming very skilled in the dependant origination of the collections of causes for the entirety of cyclic existence and nirvana, compassion for the assembly of sentient beings who do not realize this in the same way wells up unbearably. [However] at this point there is nothing to be observed as either oneself or sentient beings. To the same extent that great compassion increases, also this very [realization] that, primordially, nothing can be observed as sentient beings, what is not sentient beings, suffering, happiness, and so on grows and increases. This is the ultimate seeing that is like the orb of the sun. When it becomes stable and increases in such a way, great compassion - which is like the light rays of the sun - will grow even more than before. [Beings with such realization] do not behold sentient beings, but great compassion still flowers in them. They do no behold themselves either, but they will lend their support to all sentient beings. They do not behold anything to be attained whatsoever, but they still establish beings in a great enlightenment. Just as there is no place whatsoever to go to beyond space, they do not behold anybody who would go somewhere beyond, but they will display [the activity of] liberating sentient beings from cyclic existence.....

Hence, just as skillful physicians exert themselves for the sake of the diseased, one makes one-pointed efforts for the sake of those who are ignorant since beginingless time because of various [ways of] having reference points. [Ignorant beings] only exert themselves for the causes of suffering and then angrily look at the results [of this]. They burden themselves with their own sufferings by plunging into a swamp that they stir up themselves, and then they have no clue what to do. Just as [people outside the swamp] know that this swamp is which these naive beings are drowning is shallow and small, one fully comprehends the nature of cyclic existence through knowing true reality. Thus, one is released from both the extremes of attachment to and fear of swamp-like cyclic existence. Through knowing that one moreover has the ability to pull sentient beings out [of this swamp], one will manage to remain in cyclic existence for the sake of others as long as space exists. This is the direct result of having meditated on emptiness.

-- Pawo Rinpoche